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From June, 2021, docs.wialon.com is to be discontinued. Please look for answers to your questions in the new help center.

Starting June, after visiting docs.wialon.com, the system will redirect you to the Wialon help center. By the way, we kindly recommend you to update the links in your bookmarks or notes.


:!: The Notifications tab is only available to the top users and to the users with dealer rights.

Here you can configure the receiving of online notifications for the Monitoring panel so that to get them only from certain resources, and not from all the resources you have access to. For each resource, you can also indicate the notification types that should be received.

There are two lists on the tab. In the left one, the resources are selected, in the right one — the notification types.

Next to the name of the resource, the number of the notifications selected for it is shown, and in the tooltip of the digital indicator — their list.

To configure the notifications filtration for a resource, the user needs the View notifications access right to it.

By default, all resources and all notification types for them are selected. To modify the list of notifications that should be received from a resource, select it in the list on the left. To quickly find a resource, use the dynamic filter. In the list of notification types, mark the ones you want to receive.

You can configure the notifications filtration so that it is applied to multiple resources at the same time. To do this, select the resources while holding the Ctrl key and mark the notification types in the list on the right. A black checkbox next to a notification type means that the settings of the selected resources differ (that is, for some resources, this type is marked and for the others, it is not).

In the online notifications window, there is a filter by notification type which is available to the top-level users and to the users with dealer rights.

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