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   * Default,   * Default,
   * Arctic,   * Arctic,
 +  * City animation,
   * In-motion,   * In-motion,
   * Night,   * Night,
   * Urban.   * Urban.
-:!: You cannot apply the color scheme ​to the sites with the personal design.+ 
 +When logging in from another browser or computer, the default color scheme is applied. 
 +:!: The selection of the color scheme ​is not available for the sites with personal design.
 **Time zone**\\ **Time zone**\\
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 **Use keyboard shortcuts**\\ ​ **Use keyboard shortcuts**\\ ​
 Check this box to activate the [[user/​gui/​keys|]]. Check this box to activate the [[user/​gui/​keys|]].
-**Infinite map**\\ 
-Allows the circular (//​infinite//​) movement of the map to the right or left. This option should be activated //only// when tracking is carried out around the 180th longitude (Fiji, Chukotka, etc.). 
 **Driver'​s activity**\\ **Driver'​s activity**\\
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