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 At the end, press //Create a round//​. ​ At the end, press //Create a round//​. ​
-===== Automatic ​Round Creation =====+===== Automatic Creation ​of Rounds ​=====
-Automatic creation of rounds is adjusted ​in [[schedules|schedule]] properties — set the option //​Automatically create rounds for this schedule//​. ​+Automatic creation of rounds is possible ​in two ways:
-Besides, automatic creation ​of rounds can be enabled straight from the Routes panel — using the corresponding ​switch button before ​each schedule ​name.  +  * The first method is available for the [[schedules|schedules]] ​of the //Relative to day// type after the assignment of at least one unit. Activate the //​Automatically create rounds for this schedule// option and press //Save// or switch ​on the corresponding ​button before ​the name of the schedule
- +  * The second method ​is implemented with the help of the [[user/​notify/​action#​create_a_round|notification]] ​of the corresponding type.
-Another way to create a route automatically ​is to use the corresponding type [[:user/​notify/​action#​create_a_round|notification]]. You can create a notification with trigger action to assign a new route after the previous one is finished+
 ===== Round List ===== ===== Round List =====
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