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 +======Chart Management======
 +It is possible to scale, move the charts and view the information about individual points.
 +{{ :​charts:​manage_chart.png?​nolink }}
 +Above the chart, there is a toolkit with useful buttons:
 +|  {{:​icons:​area_zoom.png?​nolink}} ​ \\ **Area selection** ​ | Click this button to scale (zoom in) any selected area. Hold left mouse button and select required area. This operation can be repeated multiple times. |
 +|  {{:​icons:​y_scale.png?​nolink}} / {{:​icons:​xy_scale.png?​nolink}} ​ \\ **Lock/​unlock Y axis** ​ | Switching from work with a single axis (X) to multiple axes (XY). |
 +|  {{:​icons:​original_scale.png?​nolink}} ​ \\ **Autoscaling** ​ | Return to the original scale of the chart. |
 +|  {{:​icons:​zoomin.png?​nolink}} {{:​icons:​zoomout.png?​nolink}} ​ \\ **Zoom in/zoom out**  | The buttons change the scale of the chart by fifty percent with respect to the visible zone. The center of the chart remains fixed. |
 +|  {{:​icons:​point_several.png?​nolink}} / {{:​icons:​point.png?​nolink}} ​ \\ **Messages/​point tracing** ​ | Switching between these modes makes it possible to look through the information on one chart or on all available ones by hovering the cursor.|
 +|  {{:​icons:​saver.png?​nolink}} ​ \\ **Save as PNG**  | The button allows you to save the visible area of the chart along with the coordinate axes in PNG format. |
 +|  {{:​icons:​lock.png?​nolink|}} ​ \\ **Lock charts** ​ | This button appears in the //​[[user/​reports/​query/​online?&#​dual_report_view|Dual report view]]// mode. Activating this button allows to apply the same actions to the charts simultaneously. |
 +If the X axis shows time, you can click any place of the chart to move to the corresponding location on the map.
 +**__Transfer from chart to messages__**
 +This function is useful for analyzing the source data from the unit. In order to request messages from the unit from the chart, click the //Transfer to messages// button {{:​icons:​messages-01.png?​nolink}} located on the right side of the toolbar. Click the left mouse button anywhere in the chart. As a result, you will go to the message panel with open data for the period specified in the report. Other functionality works in the same way as [[user/​reports/​query/​online#​transfer_from_tabular_report_to_messages|transfer from tabular report to messages]].
 +When switching between charts, the state of the button automatically changes to the original one.
 +The rest of the buttons work the same as in the table reports.
 +===== Chart Legend=====
 +{{  :​reports:​chart_legend.png?​nolink}}
 +A chart legend can be found in the work area. The legend is divided into sections and contains information about the selected charts and their [[user/​reports/​templ/​contents/​charts/​properties|properties]]. Click on the name of the element in the legend to enable or disable its display in the chart (by default, all are displayed).
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