Utilization Cost

The table on utilization costs unites two kinds of expenses: maintenance and fillings. Both of these features have their own detailed tables (see Maintenance and Fuel Fillings). This table is designed to show running costs. Note that only fillings registered manually in a special Events Registrar get here (fillings detected by a fuel sensor are not considered).

The table can be composed of the following columns:

  • Time — the date and time that were indicated during the registration.
  • Registration time — the date and time when the event was registered.
  • Expense item — either maintenance or filling.
  • Description — the custom description specified at registration.
  • Location — the location specified at registration (together with comments entered manually).
  • Cost — the service or filling cost.
  • Count — the number of services and/or fillings.
  • Notes — an empty column for your custom comments.

Blue rows mean that the location on the map was indicated during the registration.

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