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-To use filtration ​be sure to: +When using the filtration ​make sure to: 
-  -check ​'Fuel level sensors' ​area ('Unit properties → Fuel consumption'); +  -check ​the //Fuel level sensors// area (//Unit properties → Fuel consumption//); 
-  -check ​'Filter fuel level sensors values'+  -check ​//Filter fuel level sensors values//
-  -set non-zero value for 'Filtration level (0...255)'+  -set non-zero value for the //Filtration level (0...255)//
-It is OK to use filtration when wrong messages appeared, i.e.with unreasonably bigger/smaller values. During filtering median smoothing is used. +Filtering should be used when it is necessary ​to remove erroneous valuessignificantly larger/​smaller ​than the remaining ​values. During filtering median smoothing is used.
  :!: //​Attention!//​  :!: //​Attention!//​
-  * If value 0 is set in 'Filtration level' ​option, a user must be aware of that filtration ​is not disabled this way, but its minimal level is used instead ​(three messages ​being filtered, because that is the minimum ​input required for median smoothing). +  * The value 0 in the //Filtration level// option is not the zero filtering, but the minimum possible filtering ​(for three messages ​— since this is the minimum ​amount of data required for median smoothing). 
-  * Any number from 1 to 255 being set in 'Filtration level' ​is multiplied by 5. The result number is the amount of messages ​to be filtered. +  * Any number from 1 to 255 set in //Filtration level// is multiplied by 5. The result number is the amount of messages ​that is filtered. 
-  * To disable filtration completely ​please ​uncheck ​'Filter fuel level sensors values' ​option.+  * To disable ​the filtration completelyuncheck ​the //Filter fuel level sensors values// option.
 ---- ----
-\\ There is the chart filtration ​disabled:+\\ The chart with the disabled ​filtration:
 {{ :​reports:​no-filtering.png?​nolink }} {{ :​reports:​no-filtering.png?​nolink }}
-This chart is for enabled filtration ​10:+The chart with the enabled filtration:
 {{ :​reports:​filter-10.png?​nolink }} {{ :​reports:​filter-10.png?​nolink }}
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