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 The speed is given only in integer numbers. ​ The speed is given only in integer numbers. ​
 +When the intervals of **speeding** are displayed in the reports, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of determining them in the tables //​[[user/​reports/​tables/​speedings|Speeding]]//​ and //​[[user/​reports/​tables/​drive|Eco Driving]]//​. Into the tabular report //​Speeding//​ fall the intervals the speed on which was **higher** than the one received as a result of summing up the values of speed limit and the tolerance on speed limit indicated on the //​[[cms/​units/​adv#​speeding|Advanced]]//​ tab of the unit properties. Into the table //Eco Driving// fall the intervals the speed on which was **equal or higher** than the one indicated in the option //Min. value// for the //​Speeding//​ [[cms/​units/​eco#​criteria|criterion]] on the //Eco Driving// tab of the unit properties. ​
 ===== Fuel in Reports =====  ===== Fuel in Reports ===== 
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