Reports on Trailers

:!: To generate reports on trailers or trailer groups, the Query reports or messages access to the resource to which these trailers or groups belong to is required. Moreover, the driver and the report template should belong to the same resource.

Two tables can be created for trailers:


This table shows working intervals of the selected trailer if it was bound to a unit. It comes along with the information on fuel consumed, distance traveled, etc. The parameters and possible columns for this table are the same as in the similar table for drivers (with the Violations column being absent). The Bindings table can be also generated for trailer groups — it gives a possibility to build complicated four-level reports (trailers –> units –> dates/weeks/months –> single bindings). More information about bindings for driver groups can be found here.

Custom Fields

This table presents the list of custom fields created in the trailer properties. It can be generated for an individual trailer, as well as for the whole group.

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