Wialon system provides the means to control passengers doing regular trips by special transport (for example, school buses or corporate vehicles). RFID tags are commonly used for this purpose. Upon getting into and out a vehicle, passengers bring their tags against a reader. Received data is sent to Wialon where it can be further used for the monitoring purposes.

Algorithm of controlling a passenger

RFID tag sends identical information upon bringing it against a reader. Therefore, the algorithm should be used in order to establish a strict line between getting into and out a vehicle:

  • The first operation of an RFID tag in 24 hours means a passenger gets into a vehicle. The second operation of the same tag in the same vehicle means a passenger gets out. If the second operation of the tag occurs in the same vehicle within 1 minute after getting into/out, then it is considered to be a false one. Such an operation is ignored by the system.
  • If a passenger gets into a vehicle using RFID tag, and afterwards the same tag operates in the other vehicle, then the system recognizes it as getting out of the first vehicle and getting into the second one.
  • If a passenger enters the bus and the period indicated in the Automatic unbinding field of the passenger properties passes, the passenger is unbound automatically.

To implement control over a passenger, it is necessary to create passengers in the interface of the monitoring system and form automatic binding lists. Data received from a RFID tag provides a possibility to implement online monitoring, generate reports on passengers, and send corresponding notifications.

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