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 ====== Online Notification ====== ====== Online Notification ======
-Online ​notifications ​receiving ​is regarded as [[user/​notify/​action#​display_online_notification_in_a_popup_window| +Receiving online ​notifications is [[user/​notify/​action#​display_online_notification_in_a_popup_window| 
-one of the actions ​of informing]] ​user on units' ​activity.+one of the ways of informing]] ​the user about the activity ​of the unit.
-Online notifications can be received only by users authorized ​into the system at the moment ​of notification ​triggering. Online notifications are not stored in the system ​after a session's termination+Only the users who are authorized ​in the system at the moment ​the notification is activated can receive an online ​notification. Online notifications are not stored in the system ​once the session ​has ended
-By default online notifications are displayed in the popup window ​upon their triggeringIt is stipulated by the //​Automatically display ​popup events// checkbox ​indicated ​in [[:​user/​set/​general|user settings]]. To work manually with popup windowit is necessary to uncheck the above mentioned flag. It can be done by simply closing the windowAfterwards, to summon ​the window, ​you should ​click the corresponding ​button ​in the [[:​user/​gui/​bottom|bottom panel]]. This button is also used as unread ​notifications indicatorMoreover, you can view a number of unread ​online notifications ​on your browser'​s ​tab.+By defaultonline notifications are displayed in the pop-up ​window ​as they triggerMake sure that the //​Automatically display ​pop-up ​events// checkbox ​is enabled ​in [[:​user/​set/​general|user settings]]. To switch to manual modedisable this optionIn this case, to open the window, ​ click on the corresponding ​icon in the [[:​user/​gui/​bottom|bottom panel]]. This button is also an indicator of unread ​messages and shows their numberIn addition, you can see the number of unread ​messages ​on the browser tab.
-Some actions available from the online notifications window:  +After clicking on the name or text of the notification, ​the map is centered ​on the place where the event took place. After clicking ​on the name of the unitthe map is centered on its last position. Additionally, ​the unit is added to the //​Monitoring// ​panel and to the map
- +
-  * to center ​the map on the place of a notification triggering, click a notification name or text; +
-  * to place the marker ​on the latest unit location, click unit name (this action will also add a unit both on the map and in the work list of the monitoring ​panel).+
 {{ :​notify:​online.png?​nolink }} {{ :​notify:​online.png?​nolink }}
-The system supports ​quick access to [[:​user/​monitor/​reg#​custom_event|custom event registration]] ​directly from the online notifications window. A notification'​s ​text will be used as a comment upon registering an event from the online ​notifications window. Afterwards, ​registered event and its comment ​can be viewed in the //Events// report.+The online notification window provides ​quick access to the [[:​user/​monitor/​reg#​custom_event|custom event registration]] ​based on the received data about the unit'​s ​activity. When registering an event with the help of the online ​notification,​ the notification text is used as a comment. Afterwards, ​the registered event and the commentary on it can be viewed in the //Events// report.
-To the top-level users and to the users with dealer rights a filter by notification type is available in the online notifications window.+For the top-level users and users with dealer rightsa filter by notification type is available in the online notifications window.
-:!: //​Note.//​\\ ​Any user who has any access to a resource will get all online notifications created in this resource.+:!: Any user who has received minimal ​access ​rights ​to a resource will receive ​all online notifications created in this resource, regardless of access rights to units.
-:!: //Note.//\\ Online ​notifications ​can also be viewed in [[:user/​monitor/​minimap#​minimap_s_online_notifications|minimaps]]. ​+There are other ways to view notifications ​online:
-:!: //Note.//\\ The system supports receiving browser push notifications. Their main advantage is that you can see a notification ​working on any tab of your browser, or even if a browser is minimized. You can enable browser push notifications in the dialog ​window ​which appears ​upon receiving ​the first online notification.+  * Online notifications can be viewed in [[:user/monitor/minimap#​minimap_s_online_notifications|minimaps]] 
 +  * The system supports receiving browser push notifications. Their advantage is that you can view a notification ​from any tab of your browser, or when the browser is minimized. You can enable browser push notifications in the dialog ​box which appears ​after you receive ​the first online notification.
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