You can be notified about any unit activity that you consider significant. It can be speeding, location, sensors values, etc. A notification can be delivered by e-mail or SMS, shown online in a popup window or replied by some other means.

To create, edit and view notifications, open the Notifications panel, choosing a corresponding name in the top panel or clicking on the necessary item in the main menu customizer.

How to Create a Notification

Below is a detailed description of the process of creating notifications.

  1. Click the New button.
  2. Choose unit(s) for which you want to create a notification and click Next. Units are selected in the same way as in jobs. Here you can learn more about job creation and editing.
  3. Select what you would like to control: geofence, speed, alarms, sensor values, message parameter, etc. Click Next. Here you can learn more about notification types.
  4. Adjust control parameters needed for the notification type selected in the previous window: select geofences, indicate speed limits, etc. Click Next. Here you can learn more about notification parameters.
  5. Enter the text for the notification using special tags listed in the table below. They will be substituted with real values when notification triggers. Here you can learn more about notification text.
  6. Indicate how the notification should be delivered: sent by e-mail or SMS, popup online, registered in unit history, etc. Here you can learn more about notification actions.
  7. Key in a name for the notification and adjust the schedule for its performance.
  8. Click OK. The created notification appears in the list in the left part of the window.

:!: Attention!
To create a notification, the Use unit in jobs, notifications, routes, retranslators access right is required. In addition, in order for the notification to work, you need to have access rights to those actions that are affected by the notification (e.g. to send a command, register events, change access rights, etc.).

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