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 ===== Send notification to Telegram ===== ===== Send notification to Telegram =====
-This method allows sending alerts about triggered notifications to the [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Telegram_(service)|Telegram]] messenger. ​+This method allows sending alerts about triggered notifications to the [[https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Telegram_(software)|Telegram]] messenger. ​
 {{ :​notify:​notify_telegram.png?​nolink }} {{ :​notify:​notify_telegram.png?​nolink }}
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 ===== Execute a command ===== ===== Execute a command =====
-For this action, ​choose ​a command to be executed over unit(s). The list consists ​of all commands configured in the properties of selected units. So, different ​commands ​on the list may be supported by different ​units. ​Support status is seen with special indicators:​ +When you select ​this action, a command ​is sent to the unit (unitswhen a notification is triggeredSelect a command from the list of the available ones. The list contains ​all commands configured in the [[cms/​units/​aliases|properties]] of selected units if a user has the //​[[cms/​rights/​unit|Execute ​commands]]// access rights towards ​the units. ​Next to the header of the command can be special indicators ​that stand for the following
-  * {{:​icons:​support.png?​nolink}} ​command is supported by all selected units; +  * {{:​icons:​support.png?​nolink}} all selected units support this command
-  * {{:​icons:​support0.png?​nolink}} not all of selected units support ​given command (see details in the tooltip).\\  +  * {{:​icons:​support0.png?​nolink}} not all of the selected units support ​this command (see details in the tooltip).\\  
-For some commandsyou should ​set additional ​parameters ​like input/output numberonline report intervaletc.\\ [[user/​monitor/​cmd|More about executing commands...]]+If necessary, set the parameters
 +If you send commands that require the input of text or a message (e.g. //Send custom message// or // Send message to driver//)you can use tags (the same as for the [[user/​notify/​text|notification text]]). When the command is executedthe entered tags are converted to the values that correspond to them. 
 +:!: Tags are converted to values only if a command is selected as a notification action (not if a command is sent manually from the monitoring panel). 
 +Read more about the commands ​[[user/​monitor/​cmd|here]].
 ===== Change access to units ===== ===== Change access to units =====
-Choose ​[[user/​users/​users|users]] whose access rights ​will be modified when trigger conditions occur. Specify access that will be applied to those users after the notification triggers. ​This feature ​can be used, for instance, in the following situation. ​+Select ​[[user/​users/​users|users]] whose access rights ​should ​be modified when trigger conditions occur. Specify ​the access ​rights ​that should ​be applied to these users after the notification triggers. ​The Manage access to this item access right is required. You can use this feature, for instance, in the following situation: suppose you have created a user who monitors the transportation of their cargo, that is, they have access rights to certain units. After the cargo is delivered to the agreed place (that is, after entering a geofence), these units automatically become unavailable to the user
 {{ :​notify:​not_delivery_04.png?​nolink }} {{ :​notify:​not_delivery_04.png?​nolink }}
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