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Any manipulations with the unit properties or its database are logged in the system automatically. In addition, records can be added to the unit log manually — through the event registrar. To see the unit log or add messages to it, you should have not only the Query reports or messages access but also Manage log.

Any changes in the unit properties are logged, as well as import, export, and removal of messages, assignment or reset of a driver. etc.

The log contains the following information:

  • Time — the date and time when the change was done.
  • User — the name of the user who entered the record or changes.
  • Action — the description of the change performed. Messages can be filtered by the text in this description.
  • Host — the address of the computer from which the user made the changes (if the action was performed automatically, it can be a job or notification type entry).
  • Delete — the button to delete records.

Unit log can also presented as a report.

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