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 ===== Unit Status ===== ===== Unit Status =====
-Using this functionality,​ you can register the beginning of a statewhich can be afterwards ​displayed in some reports. For instancethe status can be like //​business/​private//​ is a vehicle ​is used both for personal and business needs+This option allows to register the unit state which can be later displayed in reports. For examplewhen using a vehicle for personal and official purposes, you can register the start of personal or official use of the vehicle
 {{ :​monitor:​reg-event.png?​nolink }} {{ :​monitor:​reg-event.png?​nolink }}
-The process of registration is the same as for the custom event. You choose the date and time and enter any text. The text can be saved and used in other registrations. It is important to set the correct ​date and time as they will be counted as the beginning ​of the status. The state comes to end when a new state is registered+To register ​the unit status, type in a description (you can use the ones saved previously) ​and, if necessary, change ​the date and time of the status.
-Statuses ​can be set automatically (for example, when the unit enters a geofence) — see [[user/​notify/​notify|]]. Columns with the corresponding contents are available in several ​reports ​which are [[user/​reports/​tables/​trips|Trips]],​ [[user/​reports/​tables/​eh|Engine hours]], [[user/​reports/​tables/​rides|Rides]],​ and [[user/​reports/​tables/​parkings|Parkings]]. ​+The status ​can be set automatically (for example, when [[user/​notify/​action#​register_unit_status|entering a geofence]]) 
 +The //Status// column is available in the following tabular ​reports: //[[user/​reports/​tables/​trips|Trips]]////[[user/​reports/​tables/​eh|Engine hours]]////[[user/​reports/​tables/​rides|Rides]]//, and //[[user/​reports/​tables/​parkings|Parkings]]//
 ===== Fuel Filling ====== ===== Fuel Filling ======
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