The Monitoring panel displays the work list of units and gives access to the basic features connected with tracking.

The worklist can contain either all units available to the current user or just some of them. Units can be easily added and removed from the work list, which does not lead to their removal from the system. Here you can find more information on how to manage the work list.

Near the name of each unit, there can be buttons and signs that allow you to estimate the state of the unit or perform some actions on it. The signs and buttons that are displayed in the Monitoring panel can be adjusted. These columns can also be used to sort units in the work list. If the Do not show unit location option is activated for the unit with the sensor of the Private mode type, then during the private mode trips the current location of the unit is not defined. In this case, next to its caption on the map and the name in the monitoring panel the icon appears. When the private mode is used, it is recommended to enable the display of units’ names on the map.

To open the Monitoring panel, choose a corresponding name in the top panel or click on the necessary item in the main menu customizer.

To locate a unit on the map, click on its name in the worklist. As a result, the map centers and zooms in on the selected unit.

The map displays only those units that are checked in the first column of the worklist. You can mark all the units at the same time by checking the box in the top left corner of the list. Remove this check box to remove unit icons from the map. Units are visible on the map only if the corresponding layer is activated.

:!: Note that in order for units to be displayed on the map, you should check if the corresponding layer is active.

Units are visible on the map only when they fall into the visibility zone. You can move and zoom the map according to your needs.

However, if Show unit icons at map borders is selected in the User Settings and a unit leaves the visible area of the map, its icon is displayed on the edge of the map. Click on the icon to move to the unit on the map.

In order not to lose the current location of the unit on the map, enable the Watch unit on map feature. The units marked in this column are always visible on the map. When a new message arrives from such units, the map is automatically scaled so that all these units are in sight.

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