Wialon help center has been launched

From June, 2021, docs.wialon.com is to be discontinued. Please look for answers to your questions in the new help center.

Starting June, after visiting docs.wialon.com, the system will redirect you to the Wialon help center. By the way, we kindly recommend you to update the links in your bookmarks or notes.

User Interface

The user interface of Wialon is simple and in many cases intuitive. There are plenty of screen tips and helpers associated with various buttons, icons, dialog boxes, edit fields, and other elements of the interface. Moreover, special icons are located in the interface . They are used to deal with the most 'difficult places', as a help text opens when you click on any of them.

Generally, the following basic structural elements can be distinguished in the interface design:

There are also a lot of other different panels and windows which can be activated if necessary.

:!: To switch to the full-screen mode, press F11. This feature is provided by the majority of browsers.

Further information:

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