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Data Processing in Wialon

Two mechanisms of data processing are used in Wialon:

  • real-time data processing;
  • processing messages from the database upon request.

Real-time Data Processing

Real-time data processing allows for quick acquisition of data on trips, sensors, ignition, fuel, counters, speeding, and is used:

This mechanism is also used in Driving Logbook for detecting trips and their status and in Wialon for Android and iOS.

The data obtained as a result of such processing is bound to time and constitutes time intervals.

Processing Messages from the Database upon Request

All the data sent by trackers goes to the database that stores it in the form of messages. Every time the user wants to obtain summary data (for example, when executing reports or viewing tracks), a request is directed to the database and the system processes all the messages for the indicated time interval.

Possible Reasons for Discrepancies in Results

In most cases, both mechanisms of data processing give the same results. The discrepancies might arise for the following reasons:

  • not all black box messages are uploaded;
  • the uploaded black box messages are older than one day;
  • the unit properties have been edited on the following tabs: Advanced, Trip detection, Sensors;
  • the messages are imported to the database;
  • the mileage counter selected in the unit properties is not GPS (because mileage is calculated by the selected counter in the first mechanism and by GPS in the second).

If you change the unit properties, the recalculation of the data processed in real time is carried out automatically in 15 minutes. In the case of processing messages from the database upon request, the changes are reflected immediately.

:!: Recalculation is applied to the data processed in real time for the last 24 hours. The data is not recalculated in case of deleting or importing messages.

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