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-======User Settings====== 
-The content of the user settings menu depends on the [[nimbus/​admin/​administration#​access_rights|access rights]]. 
-{{  :​nimbus:​user_settings.png?​nolink ​ }} 
-The following list of settings can be available: 
-  * **Depot** — selection of account/​depot. If several [[nimbus/​terms/​terms|depots]] are available to the user, it is required to select one of them to start work. 
-  * **Parameters** — custom settings, which include language selection and date format (both are always available). 
-  * **Online** — setting that allows to specify the deviation from the schedule in minutes. Hurry and delay are indicated separately. When you [[nimbus/​user/​online/​online|monitor rides]] in real time, the units that go ahead of the schedule are highlighted in yellow, those that are behind — in red. If deviation from the schedule is minor, the unit is highlighted in gray so as not to attract extra attention. 
-  * **Notifications** — selection of types and setting up the [[nimbus/​user/​notifications/​notifications|notifications]] that should be displayed in the navigation panel. 
-  * **Fulfillment of rides** — the rate of stops of a route that must be visited to consider the ride fulfilled (by default — 20%). 
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