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-====== Reports ====== 
-Reports give access to the history of rides and allow to assess the quality of their execution, both in terms of the route and in terms of the unit. Analysis of the report data allows to optimize the work of passenger transport services in the future. 
-To go to the report page, select the //Reports// section in the navigation panel. To generate a report, specify its parameters (report type, object, interval) and click //​Execute//​. The maximum interval for the report is 100 days. 
-{{: nimbus: reports.png?​ nolink}} 
-Above the report table (with the exception of the report on a collection of routes) there is a block with statistics that includes the following information: ​ 
-  * the total number of planned rides; 
-  * the total number of fulfilled rides;  
-  * the total number of not fulfilled rides; ​ 
-  * the average deviation of fulfilled rides;  
-  * the number of rides fulfilled behind the schedule; 
-  * the number of rides fulfilled ahead of schedule; 
-  * the number of rides fulfilled on schedule. 
-Click the button {{:​nimbus:​icons:​down.png?​nolink}} to view the expanded block with statistics, where the data is additionally presented as a percentage. 
-The generated report can be exported to an XLSX format file. To do it, click the {{:​nimbus:​icons:​xlsx.png?​nolink}} button in the upper-right corner of the report header. 
-The base rides report of the unit contains the following columns: 
-  * ** Route ** — the number and name of the route (its description is in the paranthesis). 
-  * ** Date ** — the date of the ride. 
-  * ** Block** — the number of the block which the ride belongs to. If the ride does not belong to any of blocks, the column is left blank. 
-  * ** Schedule ** — the schedule (beginning and end), on the basis of which the ride was created. 
-  * ** Beginning ** — the time of the actual start of the ride, that is, the earliest time of visiting any point (usually the first one). 
-  * ** End ** — the time of the actual end of the ride, that is, the time of the last visit to any point (usually the last one). 
-  * ** Duration ** — actual duration of the ride. Calculated as the difference between the two previous items. 
-  * ** Avg deviation ** — the average deviation from the planned schedule. Calculated as the arithmetic mean of all deviations taken modulo. 
-  * ** Max hurry ** — maximum hurry on the ride. It is highlighted in orange if it exceeds the allowable hurry specified in [[nimbus/​user/​usersettings/​usersettings|user settings]]. If there was no hurry, //0// is displayed. 
-  * ** Max delay ** — minimum delay on the ride. It is highlighted in red if it exceeds the allowable delay specified in the user settings. If there was not a single delay, //0// is displayed. 
-  * ** Stops ** — the number of stops visited out of a total number of stops in the route. 
-  * **The result can be one of five options**:​\\ //​Fulfilled//​ — one unit completed the ride and the rate of visited stops is equal to or exceeds the rate indicated in the [[nimbus/​user/​usersettings/​usersettings|user settings]] (the //​Fulfillment of rides// field);\\ //Not fulfilled// — one unit completed the ride and the rate of visited stops is less that the rate indicated in the user settings;\\ //No-show// — one unit was assigned to the ride and did not visit any stops;\\ //Part// — more than one unit was involved in the ride, that is, the unit was changed during the active ride;\\ //No unit// — the ride was activated, but was not monitored, because the unit was not assigned. 
-  * **See on the map** — viewing the ride on the [[nimbus/​user/​map/​map?&#​map_in_reports|map]] (the map is activated by clicking the icon {{:​nimbus:​icons:​reports_map.png?​nolink}}). 
-The content of a report can be sorted by any of its columns. To do this, click on the name of the required column — arrows indicating the direction of sorting will appear next to it. The up arrow indicates direct order, the down arrow — the reverse one. To change the direction, click the column name again. 
-You can change the set of report columns by selecting the required ones in the list that appears when you click three horizontal dots in the right corner of the header. 
-When you execute a basic report for a route, the first column contains the unit name. If the unit for the ride has not been assigned, there is a dash in the column. If there were no events (stops visits) during the ride, then the //​Beginning//,​ //End//, //​Duration//​ and //Avg deviation// columns are also not filled. 
-The detailed version of the report gives an opportunity to obtain detailed information on each visit of the stop: the scheduled visit time, the actual entry time, the actual exit time, the length of stay at the stop, the actual deviation from the schedule (//plus// signifies hurry, //minus// — delay). In case of skipping the stop, in all these fields (except for the scheduled visit time) dashes are placed. 
-For a detailed report, select one of the items marked //​detailed//​ in the list of report types and click //​Execute//​. 
-{{: nimbus: detailed_report.png?​ nolink}} 
-To see detailed information about each visit within the ride, click on the button {{:​nimbus:​icons:​down.png?​nolink}} at the beginning of the line with the ride. 
-A report on a **[[/​nimbus/​user/​blocks/​blocks|collection of routes]]** contains the information on all its rides for the indicated period. The rides in the report are grouped based on blocks. 
-This report includes the following columns: 
-  * **Date** — the date of the block execution. 
-  * **Block** —  the number of the block. If grouped rides are not related to the block, the column says //No block//. In order too see the detailed information on each ride of the block, click on the line with it. At the beginning of the line with the block there is the {{:​nimbus:​icons:​down.png?​nolink}} button which indicates whether the block is collapsed/​expanded. 
-  * **Unit** — the name of the unit that performed rides within the block. If there are several units, the column says //As is//. 
-  * **Schedule** —  the time of the start of the first and the end of the last schedules of the block. 
-  * **Rides** — the number of performed rides from their total number in the block. ​ 
-  * **Beginning** — the date and time of the beginning of the first performed ride within the block. ​ 
-  * **End** — the date and time of the end of the last performed ride within the block. 
-  * **Duration** — duration of actual being on rides. It is calculated as the difference between the two previous items. 
-The data for the remaining columns of the report are calculated according to the principles described above individually for each ride and are shown when displaying detailed information on blocks. 
-{{ :​nimbus:​collection_report.png?​nolink }} 
-:!: The rides that are included in the block but belong to another collection of routes are not included in the report. ​ 
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