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-The system provides an opportunity to receive online notifications about the progress of the ride. Online notifications serve as an additional monitoring tool and enhance its effectiveness by drawing the attention of the dispatcher to the situations that require response. 
-The following types of notifications are available: 
-  * {{:​nimbus:​icons:​notif_no_unit.png?​nolink}}**Activation of a ride with no unit**\\ Triggers when a ride, to which no units are assigned is activated. In this situation it is recommended to assign a unit to the ride. 
-  * {{:​nimbus:​icons:​notif_off.png?​nolink}}**No-show at first point**\\ Triggers when the scheduled time of visiting the first point comes, but the unit assigned to the ride has not yet appeared in any of the points. 
-  * {{:​nimbus:​icons:​notif_wrongway.png?​nolink}}**Unit left the route path**\\ Triggers after receiving a message from the unit that is geographically remote from the route path by more than 50 meters. 
-  * {{:​nimbus:​icons:​notif_missed_stop.png?​nolink}}**Stop skipped**\\ Triggers after visiting a chronologically later stop without visiting the previous one. 
-  * {{:​nimbus:​icons:​notif_early.png?​nolink}}**Hurry**\\ Triggers when the unit is ahead of the schedule. The level of deviation at which the notification should trigger is set in user settings. 
-  * {{:​nimbus:​icons:​notif_late.png?​nolink}}**Delay**\\ Triggers when the unit is behind the schedule. The level of deviation at which the notification should trigger is set in user settings. ​ 
-  * {{:​nimbus:​icons:​notif_connection.png?​nolink}}**Connection loss**\\ Triggers if there is no data from the monitored unit. The interval of data absence, which should be considered a connection loss, is set in user settings. ​ 
-You can select the required types of notifications and configure their parameters in [[nimbus/​user/​usersettings/​usersettings|user settings]]. 
-A bell icon ({{: nimbus: icons: notification.png?​nolink}}) located in the navigation panel at the top is responsible for notifications in the interface of the program. If you see a quantitative indicator next to it, it means that there are unread notifications. To see the notifications themselves, click on the icon. 
-Each notification in the list contains the following information:​ the type of the event, the time of the event, detailed description. To quickly search for events by type, there is a filter at the top of the notification window. 
-The unread notification has a pale green background, the read one — white. Click on the notification to mark it as read.  If you do not want to do this for each notification separately, use the //Mark all as read// button at the bottom of the window. There is also a button to delete all notifications from the list. To delete a specific notification,​ hover over it and click on the button {{:​nimbus:​icons:​delete.png?​Nolink}}. 
-To view an event on the map, click //Show// below the required notification. If a ride without a unit is activated, the link leads to the page of rides where a unit can be assigned to the problematic ride. 
-New notifications are displayed in the popup windows in the upper-right corner of the work area. Up to five notifications can be displayed simultaneously. From the notification popup window, you can go to the location on the map where the event took place. To close the notification,​ click on it with the left mouse button. Notifications are closed automatically after 8 seconds. 
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