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-======Creating Blocks====== 
-Click on the //Create block// ({{:​nimbus:​icons:​add.png?​nolink}}) button, located at the end of the line with the required [[nimbus/​user/​blocks/​blocks|collection of routes]]. A similar button is located on the  [[nimbus/​user/​blocks/​blocksmanage|blocks page]] of each collection of routes ({{:​nimbus:​icons:​add_group.png?​nolink}}). ​ 
-In the blocks creation window, specify its number (required field). The maximum length of the block number is 8 symbols (numbers and letters). ​ 
-In the drop-down list to the right of the number, select the operation pattern. As a result, the routes that form a collection are displayed below, as well as a list of their schedules that correspond to the specified operation pattern. :!: The list shows only those routes that are switched on and for which at least one schedule has been created. ​ 
-Specify the schedules that must be included in the block. To do this, successively click on the required schedules. Selected schedules have a light blue background and a blue frame. Schedules that cannot be selected due to the time intersections,​ become inactive. 
-{{ :​nimbus:​blocks_creation.png?​nolink }} 
-The list of schedules is a mandatory feature of blocks, that is why the save button becomes active only after selecting at least one schedule. 
-:!: Deleting all the schedules of a block leads to automatic removal of the block itself from the system. 
-The schedules of which the block consists should meet the following requirements:​ 
-  * The operation pattern should not be specified for schedules or it should be uniform for all.  
-  * One schedule can be included only in one block within a depot. ​ 
-  * There should not be any time intersections in the blocks of one route: the program does not allow to save the created or edited block, which overlaps other blocks. 
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