Uploading custom maps to Gurtam Maps

How can I upload a map to Gurtam Maps?

To add a new map, send your request to Attach a vector map in one of the supported formats (MP, MapInfo, ESRI Shape, OSM, or KML) to your email and give us a link to download the map. If the size of the map does not allow sending it by email, you will be given FTP access. The data must be in the WGS 84 coordinate system.

I have a list of addresses. Can you add them to Gurtam Maps?

A CSV or XLSX table can be used to upload addresses to Gurtam Maps. Such table should contain the following columns: house number, street, city, region (optional), X and Y coordinates in WGS-84. You can download a table template here.

Can I use data from AutoCAD for import to Gurtam Maps?

Gurtam Maps do not support the DWG format, but AutoCAD allows you to export data to other formats supported for import (MP, MapInfo, ESRI Shape, OSM, KML). Make sure that WGS-84 is set for the data.

Can I upload a satellite image to Wialon?

To upload satellite images or other raster data to Wialon, you should use third-party cartographic services, for example, Mapbox or ArcGIS.

Can I make a map available only to one client?

You can limit the access to custom maps with a billing plan. If you want a map to be available only to one client, create a separate billing plan, assign it to the client’s account, and specify the name of this billing plan in your request to The map will be available only to the users that use accounts with the created billing plan. It will not be available to other Wialon users.

Incorrect address information

Incorrect address information is displayed in reports, notifications, or the search tool. What can I do?

Please, send your request to indicating the coordinates of the place and the correct address.

Gurtam Maps do not display addresses in my region. What can I do?

In this case, it is necessary to upload a more detailed map to Gurtam Maps. If you have a map of your region in one of the supported formats (MapInfo, ESRI Shape, OSM, KML), you can send it to us for adding to Gurtam Maps. We can also use the data of open sources, for example, OpenStreetMap. You can add the missing information to OpenStreetMap and then send us an email to We will try to upload the data to Gurtam Maps.

What can I do in case of an error, incorrect address, or no address in Google, Yandex, HERE, and other maps?

Consult the service directly. We can only connect third-party cartographic services and are not responsible for their contents.

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