Device Does Not Connect

What to do if I am directing a device to the server and cannot see any messages from it? It says my device is not connected.

Var 1:
The device is not connected or adjusted properly.

There can be several reasons why a device has the status not connected in Wialon. To identify and eliminate them, do the following:

  1. Make sure the device is in good order and situated in the area of satellite availability, all wires, aerials, and power supply are connected correctly.

  2. Check SIM card balance.

  3. Make sure the device is adjusted properly: check IP address, server port, connection interval, APN. There can be other settings and peculiarities concerning your device and its connection, so consult the user's guide or contact the manufacturer. You can also pick up some tips from the forums:

  4. Check device ID in Device Unique ID Checker. Follow the link and you will find the IP address of a special server where you direct your device to verify its ID. Direct your device to this server and wait till the information about its connection appears. If connection successful, compare the value in the column 'Unique ID' with unique ID written in unit properties. If your type of device requires password for sending data, it should be written in unit properties, too.
  5. If you cannot see your device in Device Unique ID Checker for a long time, double-check all settings mentioned above, and then write to Describe your problem and what you have already done, send us the name and unique ID of your device. We will make an analysis of the situation. Possible reason is changes or errors in device firmware.

Var 2:
This type of device is not supported in Wialon.

See the full list of supported devices. If your device is not in the list, write to and attach the original communications protocol of your device.

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