Can I register a work shift for a driver post factum if, for example, automatic binding has not worked?

Yes, use the Register working interval feature on the Drivers tab.

Can the drivers’ bindings be registered automatically using imported messages?

No, the bindings cannot be registered automatically using imported messages or messages of the past period.

Can more than one driver be assigned to one unit at the same time?

Yes. Read more about simultaneous bindings of the drivers.

How can I prevent simultaneous binding of several drivers to one unit?

For real-time assignments, activate the Exclusive option in the properties of the drivers. Read more about simultaneous bindings of the drivers.

How long are the drivers’ bindings stored in the system?

The storage period of messages about the bindings of drivers corresponds to the history period of the account to which the resource belongs.

Do reports display the data on the manual binding of the driver after the data storage period expires?

Yes, but only if the driver has not had other bindings since he was last assigned to the unit.

The driver is not assigned to the unit when using a key. What should I do?

  • Check if a sensor of the Driver binding type with a parameter (usually it is avl_driver) is configured in the unit properties. In messages, this parameter should contain the information about the driver’s code.
  • Make sure that the driver’s code from the message with the parameter corresponds to the code in the properties of the driver.
  • Check if the unit belongs to the list of the units to which the drivers from this resource can be assigned using the automatic binding method.

The units send different codes for the same RFID tag. What should I do?

When you use different devices, they might interpret the driver’s code differently. To bring this code to one form, use one of the methods described below.

Method 1. Specify the mask (IButton card number parsing mask) in the configurator of the device type (the icon in the general properties of the unit).

Method 2. Indicate the formula avl_driver:16 (where avl_driver is the parameter of the driver) as the parameter of the sensor. It allows converting text from hexadecimal (HEX) to decimal (DEC) number format. In the calculation table wizard, you can use the obtained decimal value as X and specify an arbitrary value (or, for example, the driver’s code) in the Y column.

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