How can I find out what commands have been sent to the unit?

Once the unit executes a command, it is displayed in the log.
To view the data on the executed commands, you can query messages of the Sent commands type or run a report on the executed commands for the required interval.

Why do I fail to send a command via the TCP and UDP channels if I have all the required rights?

To send commands via the TCP and UDP channels, the unit should be connected to the server. You can see the connection state of the unit on the Monitoring tab.

The unit was not connected to the server while several commands were sent via the Virtual channel. After the connection had been restored, not all of the commands were executed. Why did that occur?

Depending on the device type, the number of virtual commands in a queue for execution can be limited. If the queue is overfull, the commands sent first are deleted.

The unit has received the command, but its text is incorrect. Why?

This problem occurs mainly while sending SMS commands, when the encryption protocol of the communication service provider differs from the Wialon protocol. In this case, contact the communication service provider because the message has been decrypted incorrectly.

Why has the tracker not executed the command or sent a response to it after the command was received?

The reasons can be mainly as follows:

  • incorrect command format (depends on the device type);
  • incorrect configuration or faulty equipment.
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