Hardware Enabling

Tracking is carried out with the help of GPS and GLONASS devices as well as special software with similar features.

Hardware Adjustment

The data from the devices should be sent to the server of Wialon. The frequency of data collection and sending as well as the parameters contained inside and overall correctness depend on how the device is configured. A device can be configured remotely or via special configuration program if it is connected to a computer. It is specified in the manual provided with the device (the manual can be provided by the seller/manufacturer of the device).

Crucial parameters for each type of device are server's IP address and port. Please visit the Hardware page on our site and find your device there. The port is indicated on the Specification tab. If IP address is not mentioned, use a public one —

In some cases devices or their software are already set to work with Wialon and do not need any additional configuration.

Wialon Adjustment

If the device is set up properly and sends data to Wialon, in order to see it on the map, create a unit for it in the system. Upon unit creation pay attention to the following mandatory parameters:

  • name (any custom text),
  • device type (choose from the dropdown list or enter from the keyboard),
  • unique ID (device identification number),
  • telephone number of the SIM card used in this device in the international format.

The access password should be specified only if a device additionally encrypts the transmitted data.

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