General Properties

:!: Access required: Edit connectivity settings — to view and edit devices type, phone number, UID, and access password.

On the General tab of the Unit Properties dialog the following parameters are set:

The name of the unit must be between 4 and 50 characters. By this name, the unit is shown on the map, in the worklist, in the reports.

Device type
Select device type from the list of the supported hardware. Three devices that are most often used by the current user are listed on the right and can be easily selected with a simple mouse click. To display the full list of available device types, click on the entry field once (it should be empty). To quickly find a necessary device type, use the dynamic filter. On the right of the entry field there is a button which can be used to configure the device parameters for the given unit, however, it is active only if this configuration is supported within the selected device type. :!: Note that upon creating a unit from WLP file there can be a situation when the device type used by the source unit is not available for your account. In this case, the device type of a new unit is automatically changed for the Wialon Retranslator.

Server address
The IP address of the server to which the data arrives, and the port of the device (determined automatically after selecting the type of the device). This field is displayed for the user who has the View connectivity settings access right with regard to the unit.

Unique ID
Enter the unique ID for the unit required to identify it by the system. Usually, it is IMEI or serial number. Some types of devices may support two unique IDs. In this case, the additional input field appears on the right. The maximum number of symbols for an ID is 100.

Phone number
Here enter the phone number of the unit if it has embedded SIM card. The phone number should be in the international format, e.g., +15557654321. If your device supports two SIM cards, you can enter the second phone number on the right.

Device access password
This password is required for some device types to execute commands or send data.

The user who is the creator for this unit (if you have any access to this user). Read more about the creator here.

Here you can see to which account the unit belongs (if you have any access to this account).

:!: Attention!
Units with the same ID within a certain type of device type, as well as units or drivers with the same phone numbers, cannot exist in the system. If you are attempting to create a unit with an ID or a phone number that is already in use in the system, a special alert is displayed. However, the unit is created anyway but with empty ID or phone number values which can be edited later.

:!: Note.
Unit parameters can be set in different measurement systems. When creating new units, the system of measures for them is taken from the settings of the current user. Therefore, to set a system of measurement for a unit, it is necessary to select a corresponding system of measurement in the settings of the current user. For existing units, the system of measures can only be changed by conversion.

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