:!: Required access: View custom fields — to view this tab, Manage custom fields — to edit this tab.

On the Profile tab of the unit properties dialog in the corresponding fields you can enter registration and technical information concerning a vehicle. Depending on the checkboxes indicated in user settings, profile information can be displayed either in the work list or in the unit tooltip. Besides, the characteristics of the unit can be displayed in the corresponding report. Moreover, the characteristics, as well as other unit properties can be imported or exported.

In addition to the standard input fields, the combo boxes (fields which allow to enter the value, then select the value from the drop-down list, and filter the drop-down list based on the entered value) are also displayed in the Profile tab. The dropdown list consists of values saved in the reference book. The reference book may contain up to 100 values for each combo box. The reference book can be filled in manually (open using the button to the right of a combo box and add new values) or automatically (enter values in combo boxes and save the entered characteristics).

The fields on the Profile tab can be entered automatically with the information available for the VIN. Enter the vehicle identification number, which consists of 17 digits and letters of the Latin alphabet (with the exception of the letters I, O and Q). Click Check to fill in the fields with data available for the entered VIN. To save the changes, press OK, to quit without saving - Cancel.

Click here to learn about the restriction on identification numbers check.

:!: Note that depending on unit settings, different measurement systems can be used in the profile characteristics.

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