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 For details on sending the commands, see //​[[user/​monitor/​cmd|Commands]]//​. For details on sending the commands, see //​[[user/​monitor/​cmd|Commands]]//​.
 +===== Creating commands for flespi devices =====
 +For [[https://​flespi.com/​protocols#​devices|flespi devices]], a form for creating custom commands is available. To configure a command, follow these steps:
 +  - Specify the name and select the type of the command in its configuration dialog. The list of supported commands depends on the [[https://​flespi.com/​protocols#​protocols|protocol]] used by the device and is constantly expanding.
 +  - Select the channel. The //Virtual// channel is used to send commands to flespi devices.
 +  - Specify the other properties of the command.
 +  - Deactivate the //Without parameters//​ option and click on the //​Configure//​ button. In the window that opens next, type the text of the command and click //Apply//.
 +The created command is added to the list of commands in the unit properties, after which you can [[user/​monitor/​cmd|send]] it to the device.
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