All address information for online tracking and reports is taken from Gurtam Maps. The formats of the map files for Gurtam Maps are specific vector graphics files that contain a map of a specific area. This format is not editable and is intended for use in the map server of Gurtam Maps.

Gurtam Maps are created from vector maps in different formats such as MP, MapInfo, ESRI Shape, OSM (OpenStreetMap). Note that a source map must be in WGS-84 coordinate projection in grades.

Vector maps in the closed Gurtam Maps format allow ADF-based programs to render map images, search for named elements, use geocoding, including reverse geocoding.

Limited access is possible with the maps. It means that the detailed map of some town or region can be available only to users with certain billing plan. To add such maps, forward a request to

Conversion Table: Polyline

.MP .OSM Gurtam Maps
Code Key Value Keys Key_
Type GM
Comment Image Icon
0x0001 highway motorway PL 1 2 A restricted access major divided highway, normally with 2 or more running lanes plus emergency hard shoulder. Equivalent to the Freeway, Autobahn, etc. 100px-motorway-photo.jpg 0-4


highway motorway_link PL 2 2 The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a motorway from/to a motorway or lower class highway. Normally with the same motorway restrictions. 100px-dscf0242_600.jpg 0-4

0x0002 highway trunk PL 3 2 Important roads that are not motorways. Typically maintained by central, not local government. Need not necessarily be a divided highway. 100px-dscf0444_600.jpg 0-4


highway trunk_link PL 4 2 The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a trunk road from/to a trunk road or lower class highway. 0-4

0x0003 highway primary PL 5 2 Roads generally linking larger towns.

highway primary_link PL 6 2 The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a primary road from/to a primary road or lower class highway. 0-5

0x0004 highway secondary PL 7 2 Roads generally linking smaller towns and villages. secondary.jpg 0-5

highway secondary_link PL 8 2 The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a secondary road from/to a secondary road or lower class highway. 0-5

0x0000 highway tertiary PL 9 2 Minor roads. tertiary.jpg 0-5

highway tertiary_link PL 10 2 The link roads (sliproads/ramps) leading to/from a tertiary road from/to other minor roads. 0-5

0x000a highway unclassified PL 11 1 Unclassified roads typically form the lowest form of the interconnecting grid network. 0-3

0x0042 highway unsurfaced PL 12 1 Unpaved roads. 0-3

highway track PL 13 1 Roads for agricultural use, gravel roads in the forest etc., usually unpaved/unsealed but may occasionally apply to paved tracks as well. track.jpg
0x0005 highway residential PL 14 1 Roads accessing or around residential areas but which are not a classified or unclassified highway. Streets. residential.jpg 0-4

highway living_street PL 15 1 A street where pedestrians have priority over cars, children can play on the street, maximum speed is low. Sometimes called Home Zone. living_street.jpg 0-2

0x0007 highway service PL 16 1 Generally for access to a building, motorway service station, beach, campsite, industrial estate, business park, etc. This is also commonly used for access to parking and trash collection. 0-2

highway bridleway PL 17 1 Roads for horses, cartage.
highway cycleway PL 18 1 Cycleways for bicycles.
cycleway lane PL 18 1 A lane is a route for bicycles that lies within the roadway.
cycleway track
PL 18 1 A route for bicycles that is separate from the road. cycleway.jpg
highway footway PL 19 1 Footpaths for pedestrians, e.g., walking tracks and gravel paths. footway.jpg
highway pedestrian PL 19 1 For roads used mainly/exclusively for pedestrians/shopping areas. Also for tagging squares and plazas. pedestrian.jpg
highway bus_guideway PL 20 1 A busway where the vehicle guided by the way (though not a railway) and is not suitable for other traffic. 0-3

junction roundabout PL 21 1 Circle movement. 0-3

0x0014 railway rail PL 25 1 Full sized passenger or freight trains in the standard gauge for the country or state.
railway tram PL 26 1 One or two carriage rail vehicles, usually sharing motor road for trams. tram.jpg
0x001f waterway river PL 30 2 For narrow rivers which will be rendered as a line.
0x0018 waterway canal PL 30 1 An artificial open waterway used for transportation, waterpower, or irrigation.
0x0026 waterway stream PL 30 1 A naturally-formed waterway that is too thin to be classed as a river. An active, able-bodied person should be able to jump over it if trees along it are not too thick. stream.jpg
0x0044 waterway drain PL 30 1 An artificial waterway for carrying storm water or industrial discharge. drain.jpg
waterway weir PL 30 1 A barrier built across a river, sometimes to divert water for industrial purposes. Water can still flow over the top. weir.jpg
waterway dam PL 31 1 A wall built across a river or stream to impound the water. A dam normally does not have water flowing over the top of it.
aeroway runway PL 35 1 A strip of land kept clear and set aside for aeroplanes to take off from and land on. airway.jpg
boundary administrative admin_level 8 PL 191 1 State, county, local council.
0x001c PL 192 1 Region boundary.
0x001e boundary administrative admin_level
PL 193 2 National boundary.

Conversion Table: POI

.MP .OSM Gurtam Maps
Code Key Value Type GM
Comment Image Icon
0xf201 highway traffic_signals POI 50 0 Lights that control the traffic.
0xf002 0x2f08
0x2f17 0xf001
0xf003 0xf004
highway bus_stop POI 51 0 A small bus stop. bus.jpg
highway metro POI 500 Metro.
highway tram POI 501 A tram stop.
0x5900 0x5901 highway airport POI 503 Airport.
0x2f03 highway services POI 52 0 A service station to get food and eat something, often found at motorways.
0xf007 railway station POI 53 0 A railway station. train_station.jpg
0x4600 amenity pub POI 55 0 A place selling beer and other alcoholic drinks; may also provide food or accommodation.
0x2d02 0x2d00 amenity nightclub POI 55 0 A nightclub.
0x2a0e amenity cafe POI 55 0 A cafe.
0x4500 amenity restaurant POI 55 0 A restaurant.
0x2a0d amenity fast_food POI 55 0 An area with several different restaurant food counters and a shared eating area. Commonly found in malls, airports, etc.
0x2f0b amenity parking POI 56 0 Car park or a parking.
0x2f02 amenity car_rental POI 56 0 A place to rent a car.
amenity taxi POI 56 0 A place where taxis wait for passengers.
0x2f01 0x4400 amenity fuel POI 57 0 Petrol station, gas station, marine fuel, etc.
0x2e05 amenity pharmacy POI 58 0 A pharmacy.
amenity hospital POI 58 0 A hospital.
0xf001 amenity bus_station POI 60 0 Bus station.
0x2f06 amenity bank POI 61 0 A bank.
amenity bureau_de_change POI 61 0 Currency exchange, a place to change foreign bank notes and travellers cheques.
amenity atm POI 61 0 An ATM or cash point.
0x2b00 0x2b01 0x2b02 tourism hotel POI 62 0 A hotel, a motel, a guest house
tourism hostel POI 62 0 A hostel.
0x0100 POI 302 Capital.
0x0200 POI 63 2 A megalopolis over 5 million people.
0x0300 0x0400 place city POI 64 2 A city of 1-5 million people (MP).
A city over 100 thousand people (OSM).
0x0500 0x0600
0x0700 0x0800
0x0900 0x0a00
0x0006 0x0004
place town POI 65 1-2 A town from 10 to 100 thousand people.
0x0b00 0x0c00
0x0d00 0x0e00
0x0f00 0x1000
0x1100 0x0010
place village_greenhamlet POI 66 1 A village below 10 thousand people.
0x640a POI 67 0 Captions.
place continent POI 195 2 A continent.
0x6602 place state POI 196 2 A state.
0x1e00 place region POI 197 1 A region.
0x1f00 place country POI 198 1 A country, area.

Conversion Table: Polygon

.MP .OSM Gurtam Maps
Code Key Value Type GM
Comment Image Icon
0x0047 0x003b
0x0045 0x0049
0x0040 0x0041
waterway riverbank PG 130 2 Used for large rivers, to define an area between the opposite riverbanks.
divided by size natural water PG 131 2 Lakes, water bodies, etc.
divided by size landuse reservoir PG 131 2 An artificial reservoir.
0x0028 PG 132 2 Sea, ocean.
waterway riverbank PG 133 2 A large river.
leisure park PG 140 1 A park, open green area for recreation.
0x004e 0x004f
0x008e 0x0086
0x0087 0x0088
leisure garden PG 141 1 A garden.
0x006d amenity townhall PG 145-146 1 A town hall building (mayor's office), administrative building. 0-2

0x001a landuse grave_vard PG 147 1 A graveyard, a cemetery
0x000a amenity school PG 148 1 A school.
amenity university PG 148 1 A university.
amenity college PG 148 1 A college.
0x3002 amenity hospital PG 149 1 A hospital.
supermarket PG 151 1 A supermarket. 0-2

tourism camp_site PG 153 0 Camping, a place where you can pitch a tent.
tourism caravan_site PG 153 0 A place where you can park a caravan overnight or for longer periods.
tourism picnic_site PG 154 0 A place where you can have an outdoor picnic. May have facilities such as tables and benches.
tourism theme_park PG 155 1 Theme park, amusement park.
tourism attraction PG 156 0 A general tourism attraction.
tourism zoo PG 157 1 A zoo.
tourism artwork PG 158 1 A tag for public pieces of art.
historic archaelogical_site PG 159 0 Archaeological museum.
0x0050 0x0081
0x0082 0x0083
0x0084 0x0085
0x0052 0x008f
0x0090 0x0091
landuse forest PG 165 2 Managed forest or woodland plantation.
landuse residential PG 166 1 Predominantly houses or apartment buildings. 0-3

landuse retail PG 167 1 Predominantly shops. 0-3

landuse commercial PG 168 1 Predominantly office buildings, business parks, etc. 0-3

0x000c landuse industrial PG 169 1 Predominantly workshops, factories, warehouses. 0-3

0x0006 PG 169 0 Garages, vehicle sheds. 0-3

landuse blownfield PG 170 1 A district to be developed, an empty area.
landuse greenfield PG 170 1 Describes land scheduled for new development where there have been no buildings before.
landuse railway PG 171 1 Area for railway use, generally off-limits to the general public.
landuse construction PG 172 1 Something under construction.
0x0004 landuse millitary PG 173 1 For land areas owned/used by the military for whatever purpose.
landuse airport PG 401 1 Airport area.
0x0014 0x000d
0x0015 0x0016
0x0017 0x001e
0x001f 0x0020
natural wood PG 184 2 Natural woodland (trees). Only for completely unmanaged/wild areas.
natural marsh PG 185 1 Low poorly drained land that is sometimes flooded and often lies at the edge of lakes, streams, etc.
0x0018 sport golf PG 194 1 Golf course, football, stadium.
building palace PG 207 1 A palace. 0-2

building postoffice PG 208 1 A post office. 0-2

building restaurant PG 209 1 A restaurant. 0-2

0x006f 0x006f amenity public_building PG 210 1 Public building. 0-2

0x0013 0x006c building yes PG 210 1 General tag for buildings. 0-2

denomination baptist
PG 211 0 A church. 0-2

0x9999 surface PG 212 2 Bottom surface.

Scale (Gurtam Maps)

Scale (km) Scale (m) Data level Zoom level Value
0,02 20 0 -1 2000
0,05 50 0 0 5000
0,1 100 0 1 10000
0,15 150 0 2 15000
0,2 200 0 3 25000
0,5 500 1 4 50000
1 1000 1 5 1000000
2 2000 1 6 2000000
5 5000 1 7 5000000
10 10000 1 8 10000000
20 20000 1 9 20000000
50 50000 2 10 50000000
100 100000 2 11 100000000
150 150000 2 12 150000000
200 200000 2 13 250000000
500 500000 2 14 500000000
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