Billing Plans

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Only the top user can create and manage billing plans.

Billing plan defines the set of available services, their cost, and some basic properties such as minimum balance to block an account, minimum balance to deny services, currency format, etc.

A billing plan assigned to an account defines initial set of allowed/denied services, which can be redefined later (extended or narrowed) for each account individually. If you adjust services through a billing plan, you can apply limitations and costs to several accounts at once (which are associated with this plan). If you adjust services in accounts themselves, each account is to be edited separately.

Working with Billing Plans

You can work with Billing Plans only in the interface of CMS Manager. Open the Billing plans tab in the navigation panel of the management system. Here you can create new billing plans, as well as view, edit, and delete the existing ones. Note that the maximum number of billing plans is limited to fifty (50). The Create Billing Plan button is automatically disabled upon reaching this value.

Table of results for billing plans contains the following columns: name of a billing plan, limit by balance, block by balance, block by days, and currency format.

The above-mentioned criteria are described in depth in the following sections:

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