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The license is integrated into your personal build of software.

Periodically, Wialon license connects to the license server (port 31176) and confirms the product usage on one server at a time. If this license check is unsuccessful for more than 30 days (e.g, it is blocked because of firewall or lack of Internet connection), it will cause a ban to use the program. In this case you will not be able to create new units. However, working service with all its configuration will not be damaged.

If you have any problems with license, you cannot create any monitoring objects, and in log files there can be found phrases like: Error fetching license: 'avl.unit'.

:!: If you have problems with license and you service is active, you cannot create any monitoring objects.

Manual License Update

Wialon Pro provides a possibility for manual license update without connecting to the license server. This can be useful, for example, if the access to the license server is blocked by a firewall. To activate this option, address to Gurtam support service.

Follow the steps for manual license update:

  1. Push the button 'Get identification file' on the 'License' page of the administrator web site.
  2. Upload the downloaded file into your distributive on
  3. Then save the file received back as license.cfg.
  4. Replace license.cfg in your Wialon Pro folder with a new one.
    :!: Stop Wialon Pro before replacing the license file, and start it again after it.
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