This section provides a possibility of generating various reports regarding routes. Reports can be used for the complex analysis of a courier's work.

Prior to a report generating it is necessary to set its configuration and adjust the table view.

Report configuration consists of the following parameters: report type (unit/driver, as well as unit group/driver group), order type (all, visited, visited late, fulfilled, rejected, visited without status, non-visited), unit, and report interval. Configuration parameters can be chosen from the dropdown lists in the left panel of the application.

Report interval can be either set using a 'Quick interval' (yesterday, today, week, month, last 7 days, last 30 days) or chosen in the calendar. Working with the calendar, it is necessary to pick initial and final dates of an interval. If an interval consists of a single day, then indicate it as both initial and final date of an interval. After indicating report's interval, click OK.

Set the table by choosing parameters to be shown in a report (double click, drag and drop, or click '—>'). It can be table data (in reports on units/drivers or groups of units/drivers) or statistics (in reports on units). To summon the settings dialog, in the left panel click the corresponding icon to the right of the report type field. To apply the chosen settings, click OK.

To receive a report on the basis of chosen configuration and indicated settings, click ‘Execute’. A report is shown in the working area.

A report can be printed as well as exported in XLSX or PDF formats. To do so, use the corresponding buttons in the top right corner of the working area.

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