Mobile Application

To work with Logistics Mobile, create a driver in the monitoring system and assign him to a unit. In a driver properties dialog it is necessary to enter a phone number and a mobile key. Indicated values are used as login (phone number) and password (mobile key) for the application authorization. Note that blocking user-creator of a resource to which a driver belongs leads to restricting access to this driver as well.


Map — choose a map source (OpenStreetMap, Google Roadmap, Google Satellite, Google Hybrid, Gurtam Maps).

Photo quality — choose image quality to be used upon photo sending. The following variants are available:

  • Original — an original image without quality loss;
  • High — an original image is compressed to 3 megapixels (not more than 600 Kb);
  • Medium — an original image is compressed to 2 megapixels (not more than 300 Kb);
  • Low — an original image is compressed to 1 megapixel (not more than 100 kb).

Tracker — enable/disable a tracker. To use a tracker function in your application, choose 'WiaTag' as device type and indicate unique ID (arbitrary value) in a unit properties dialog (monitoring system). Afterwards, a tracker's switch appears in your mobile application settings.

Notifications — enable/disable receiving of push notifications on relevant events regarding orders, routes, and delivery process; choose an appropriate notification signal.

Admin password — set and enable/disable a password to be used upon working with mobile application settings.

Help — link to a user manual.

Working with Logistics Mobile

The current point is a warehouse visit The point of delivery which follows the current one. Green color indicates that a courier is moving up the schedule

The point of delivery which follows the current one. Red color indicates that a courier is moving behind the schedule at the moment

The point of delivery has been visited; the status is not set (status setting is required)

A visited and confirmed delivery point

The current delivery point towards which a unit is moving

The current delivery point towards which a unit is moving with delay

For setting an order status it is necessary to click this icon (3 points in the top right corner of the order) and choose the corresponding status (confirm/reject) in the appeared menu. Moreover, this menu can be used to contact a client ('call' button).

Upon setting an order's status, a courier has a possibility to enter a comment (optional upon confirmation; obligatory upon rejection), identify oneself with an electronic signature, or attach a file. These steps provide an operator with a possibility to monitor delivery processes and undertake any action on the basis of relevant information.

An order chosen from the list is shown on the map by a marker. The map is centered and scaled on the chosen order. On the map screen you can move between orders by swiping (left-right) the order's block in the top of the screen.

To quickly move on the map to your own location, tap the button in the bottom right corner. This button has several states: arrow — tracking unit's location, route's points — showing all the route's delivery points on the map. To activate unit location tracking, tap the arrow. Afterwards, the map stays constantly centered on your location. Upon moving the map from unit's location manually, 'Arrow' button changes for 'Target' one, by tapping which the map is centered on your location once again. To escape tracking mode, tap the button (route points) once more.

If it is necessary to build a route to a delivery point, you can use an external application. To do so, tap and hold a point towards which you would like to build a route.

From the map screen you can move to viewing detailed order's information. To do so, choose a necessary order in the top of the screen and tap 'Order info' button in the bottom. The appeared menu serves for viewing order's information, setting order's statuses (confirm/reject), and calling a client (call).

The mobile application is provided with a tracker mode. This mode can be used to determine a courier's location if no vehicle or personal tracker is available. After activating this mode, location data is collected and sent to the server constantly (in iOS version data is collected and sent upon movement detection). To enable the tracker mode, move to the menu and activate the corresponding switch.

Logistics Mobile application is also available on tablet. A tablet version has some peculiarities. The first one is that tablet's screen size allows viewing detailed order info without hiding the list of orders. The second is that special buttons (situated below the detailed info menu) are used for setting statuses and calling a client.

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