Geofence, or geographical zone, is an area on the map that is important for user’s tracking purposes and requires special attention. Geofences can be used to control units’ activity in these areas or, on the contrary, outside them. You can attach to a geofence any image or photo or add a comment.

A geofence can have a shape of a line (for example, an avenue or any road), polygon (a city or park or plant), or circle with any radius.

Geofences are widely used in Wialon Local. Besides the map’s visual enrichment, they can be used in reports, notifications, and units’ tooltips. Geofences can also be used as check points while configuring routes, and in their tooltips you can get dynamically updated images from external sources.

To open the Geofences panel, choose the corresponding name in the top panel or click on the necessary item in the main menu customizer. Afterwards, choose a mode which allows you to work either with geofences or groups of geofences. Note that geofence creating is available in the 'Geofences' mode only, while the other options can be used in the 'Groups' mode as well.

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