Tecnical Specification and Requirements

Operation System and Accompanying Software

Wialon Local is an all-in-one solution installed from an ISO file that inludes:

  • base operating system Debian GNU/Linux 8 («Jessie») in form of an image netinstall (the missing files are installed from network package repositories);
  • additional software for proper functioning of the server (nginx, postfix, ntp, openssh, iptables, fail2ban and some other);
  • Wialon Local and its components.

Some OS components, hardware drivers and the modules of Wialon Local itself require network access during the installation process.

It is not recommended to install other software packages apart from the ones that are needed for proper operating of Wialon Local.

Server Requirements

Wialon Local can be installed and work only on a 64-bit operating system.

See below the minimum requirements to the server with the data storage for 2 years. These requirements were calculated on the basis of typical tasks solved by the servers and their configuration.

For a server with 100 units:

  1. CPU: Core i7;
  2. RAM: 16 GB (only Wialon);
  3. HD: soft-based RAID1 from 250 GB;
  4. Internet channel width (from the server): from 25 Mbit/s.

For a server with 4000 units and its own WebGIS:

  1. CPU: Xeon E31230 and higher;
  2. RAM: from 64 GB (Wialon + maps);
  3. HD: soft-based RAID10, 4×2 TB and more;
  4. Internet channel width (from server): from 50 Mbit/s.

For a server with 10000 units:

  1. CPU: 2 up-to-date Xeon CPUs;
  2. RAM: from 128 GB;
  3. HD: software-based RAID10, 8×2 TB and more;
  4. Internet channel width (from server): from 100 Mbit/s.

:!: In some cases the automatic installation can be unavailiable.

You should undertand that the above listed requirements are for guidance only and the selection of the hardware that Wialon Local is going to be installed on is particular and should, first of all, be based on the volume of the information you are planning to work with.

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