What's New in Wialon Local 1504

This section contains description of the main differences between 1504 and 1408 versions of Wialon Local.

Eco Driving
This module is designed to make an assessment of driving behavior. It detects rough maneuvers (like turns, breaks, acceleration), speeding, and other criteria of custom choice (sensor based). Sensitivity range and penalties for those criteria are adjustable. The module includes a tab in unit properties dialog (for parameters adjustment), a tabular report for a unit, appropriate columns for other tables, and an app.

This module allows working with DDD files generated by tachographs. Those files can be loaded into Wialon database and then processed by the system giving the result in the form of tables and charts. The module includes one command, two tabular reports for drivers — 'Driver activity' and 'Infringements', and two apps — Tacho Manager and Tacho View.

Routing in Gurtam Maps
Gurtam Maps developed their own routing, that is an ability to find the shortest way from one spot to another and calculate supposed distance and travel time. Routing by Gurtam Maps is now available in tools (Routing itself, Nearest Units), in the Routes module, and in some apps (Delivery Service, Gurtam Maps).

Mobile Client
A special application for Android and iOS based mobile devices has been implemented. It can track units on map, show their current state and data, provide with the history of movements and stationary periods, display notifications adjusted in the tracking system.

New Locator
New Locator has replaced the old one. Now user can create any number of Locator pages, each holding different set of units and, if necessary, geofences and POIs. In the new Locator, one can track units on map, see their latest state, and build tracks.

LBS Detector
Implementation of the LBS Detector tool provides you with a possibility to find out an approximate location of a unit even if GPS is not available at the moment. A unit's location is detected considering the nearest cellular base stations.

Custom Icon Library
Icon Library is a new app which enables creation of custom sets of icons for units, POIs, and unit groups.

Private Mode Sensor
This new type of sensor helps to distinguish private trips from business ones, which is extremely useful in Driving Logbook, the app specially designed to prepare tax reports.

Retransmission of Message History
Traditional real-time retransmission has been supplemented with 'past period' retransmission, meaning that messages for any period of time in the past can be sent to other servers or systems. This is a great alternative to the method of export/import.

Speeding detection
New possibilities in speeding detection include applying of speed limitations from roads (as opposed to earlier used method of establishing the limit in unit's properties). Tolerance range is also provided as a setting.

Multi-Point Commands
Two new commands ('Send route' and 'Send waypoints') have been supported. A sequence of points to be visited is sent to a driver/courier by means of these commands.

The old minimap has been given a new life. Now a minimap (a small individual window for tracking) can be opened for several units at once. Not only last position can be observed there, but also any information on latest state, sensors, geofences etc. Manipulations with unit can be made straight from its minimap as well.

Search Tool
This is a special tool to quickly find and locate any item on the map (unit, POI, geofence, driver etc.).

Other features:

  • weight sensor implementation
  • Imperial measurement system supported
  • dynamic filters added in many places
  • ctrl+click to select/unselect all added in many places
  • enabling checkboxes by clicking their captions
  • logical grouping of sensors
  • possibility to focus on track in a printed report
  • new actions for notifications: send mobile (push) notification, send POST/GET request
  • import/export of standard POI icons
  • new map layers: HERE, GoMap.Az
  • Spanish in CMS Manager
  • new command type: query snapshot from specified camera
  • mileage sensor with overflow
  • possibility to disable checkpoints' names on the map (for routes)
  • retransmission protocols updated
  • 'Retrieve intervals' option in geofences' filter for reports
  • custom fields for a resource
  • saving a calculated route from the Routing tool
  • centering the map on an object is attended by visual effects
  • POIs' copying button
  • GUI optimization
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