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The Import/Export tool is designed to easily transfer and copy different objects and their properties. The Import/Export tool is available in both Wialon Hosting interfaces — manager's and user's. To open the tool, click on a corresponding button in the top panel of CMS Manager or in the User Menu of the main interface.

Import/Export Subject

You can import/export:

Moreover, you can choose particular items to be imported/exported, for example, you can indicate not all but certain service intervals or sensors (for units), certain geofences and jobs (for resources), etc.

Import/Export Destination

Data can be imported and exported via files or directly from one object into another.

Exporting to a file gives you possibility to store data on disc and use it when necessary. For instance, you can create templates of unit properties, which makes it considerably easier to create and configure new units. Two file formats are supported:

  1. WLP is a native format for Wialon. It can be used to store and transfer different kinds of data like unit properties, resource contents, and user settings.
  2. KML (if compressed — KMZ) is a widely known file format used to display geographic data in Google Earth and Google Maps. This format can be used in Wialon Hosting to exchange POIs and geofences between resources as well as import and export POIs and geofences from/to external sources.

Exporting to an object allows you to transfer data (properties or contents) straight from an object to another object of the same type or to several objects at once. For example, you can copy geofences from one resource to another.

Required Access

Access rights are important for import/export. Bear in mind two simple rules:

  1. You can export from an object only those properties or contents that are available to you (you should have at least view access to these properties in the originated object).
  2. You can import into an object only those properties or contents that are editable for you (you need 'create, edit, delete' access to these properties of the destination object).

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