The Monitoring panel displays the work list of units and gives access to the basic features connected with tracking.

The work list can contain either all units available to the current user or just some of them. Units can be easily added and removed from the work list, which does not lead to their removal from the system. See how to manage the work list...

Near the name of each unit, there can be a number of buttons and signs that allows to estimate unit's state or perform an action over it. The choice of signs and buttons to be displayed in the Monitoring panel is customizable. These columns can be also used to sort units in the work list.

To open Monitoring panel, choose a corresponding name in the top panel or click on the necessary item in the main menu customizer.

Additional Information about the Unit

Unit's Tooltip

Hover the mouse pointer over the unit on the map, in the work list, or in a dialog to see detailed information about unit current state in a popup info tip. The content for this tooltip is selected in User Settings.

For example, a unit's tooltip can look like this:

:!: Note.
All measurements used in the tooltip are taken from corresponding properties of the unit itself.

Extended Unit Information

Apart from that, additional information about the unit can be summoned and displayed stationary in the work list itself. Click on unit's icon in the Monitoring panel to see extended information. Content of the extended unit view is also regulated through User Settings.

You can apply extended view to any number of units on the work list. To hide the extended information back, just click on unit's icon again.

:!: Attention!
Extended information is not available in the treelike view of units with sorting by groups.

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