Wialon Mobile v1

Mobile Wialon can be used from mobile phone or Pocket PC. Its functionality includes:

  • display current location and movement history of a unit (or unit group) for a period of time on the map;
  • information about unit state, its sensor values, its latest position and latest registered event;
  • sending commands to a unit remotely;
  • search cities, streets, addresses on the map.

To access Wialon Mobile v1, enter address in the browser. On the first page, enter your user name and access key as it is set in User Settings. You can also select the interface language. When logged in, observe the main menu and select the operation to perform.

Unit Information

Select unit to get information about, push Next and get the data. The information includes unit name and device type, its location and speed, time when the latest message was received. It also provides all sensors values, the latest event, and phone number if available.

When a time passed, you can get fresher information about the unit. Simply push the 'Refresh' button to get the latest data.

To get information about some other unit, push Back and select other unit from the dropdowm list.


Select one or more units to monitor them and click Next. Select time interval to map the track for, indicate map size and scale. Push 'Show' to display the search result.

The map can be moved and zoomed using the appropriate buttons above (arrows — to move, plus and minus — to zoom). However, if more than one unit is selected, then the map is scaled in such a way to show all units, and it is impossible to move and zoom it.

When a time passed, you can get fresher information about the unit. Simply push the Refresh button to get the latest data.

Click on 'Menu' to go back to the main menu.


Select one or more units to execute a command. In the next window choose the command and specify parameters if needed. At the end, click the 'Send' button. You will be notified whether the action was successful. More about commands...

To find a place on the map, enter some first characters of the city and/or street, add house number if you need more accurate search. Set also map size and scale. The received result you can scale and move.

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