Unit is a system macro object defined by its specific device type and unique identification number (UID). It represents a vehicle, machine, person, pat or any other mobile or stationary object that can be controlled with the help of a GPS tracking system.

Working with units is possible both in CMS Manager and in the main Wialon interface. To work with units in CMS Manager, open the Units tab in the navigation panel. Units configured here become available for tracking (watch on the map, control different parameters, etc.).

Here you can create a new unit, observe existent units, view or edit their properties, define access rights to units, and remove units from the system. Read Standard operations for details. Besides, you can transfer units from one account into another.

Moreover, there is a possibility to create units with settings improrted from WLP files. To do so, click the 'Create from WLP' button. Choose a file, indicate the necessary parameters, and click 'Next'. Afterwards, a unit with the indicated parameters is created, and a properties dialog of the created unit is opened.

Unit Properties Dialog

Unit properties dialog is displayed when you create, edit or copy a unit. It contains many tabs and fields that define different unit parameters and how the program will interpret data received from this unit.

The number of tabs can vary depending on your access rights (max — 11).

Use the following links to get to know the details about each parameter:

Restore Properties/Export to File

The option of restoring unit properties, or exporting them to file, is available in the unit properties dialog of a created unit. The corresponding buttons are situated in the bottom left corner of the dialog.

Restore Properties

:!: To restore unit properties, it is necessary to possess the following rights:

  • 'Delete item', 'Rename item', 'Manage custom fields', 'Edit not mentioned properties', 'Manage admin fields', 'Upload and delete files', 'Create, edit, and delete report templates' (towards a resource);
  • 'Edit connectivity settings (device type, UID, phone, access password, messages filter)', 'Create, edit, and delete sensors', 'Edit counters', 'Create, edit, and delete service intervals', 'Create, edit, and delete commands' (towards a unit).

Wialon system supports the possibility of restoring unit properties. Configured properties are automatically copied on daily basis and stored on a remote server. To come back to the previous configuration, it is necessary to click the corresponding button situated in the left bottom corner of the dialog. The button is active only in case you possess enough rights for properties restoring. Click the button in order to open a calendar where all the dates highlighted in orange have the configuration stored. Choose the necessary date, and you open the dialog of importing from WLP file. The sequence of actions with this dialog is described in the corresponding section of documentation.

Export to File
Export to WLP file can implemented in a unit properties dialog. The corresponding button is situated in its bottom left corner.

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