Service Structure

The effectiveness of the service management depends on the account structure created by you. The perfect structure has a clearly arranged hierarchy. Below are the recommendations necessary to help you clarify the peculiarities of the account hierarchy. Understanding these points will help you to further build the service structure that meets the needs of your business.

When creating the structure, it is important to understand the following rule: an item cannot have more rights or features than the superior item. This is true for account services, access rights, etc.

First Log in to the System
When you first log in to the system (CMS Manager), such elements as account, user, and appointed billing plan are available to the service owner. All three elements have an identical name. Below you will find more information about this account.

System Account

Top_account (individual name for every client) is a top leve account. It is created automatically when a new service activated. The top-level account for every client is created with its own individual name, serving as the global service identifier in Wialon Hosting. The billing plan name and the account name are the same. This billing plan has all the available functionality by default. The top-level account is a system account, that is why the owner of the service does not have access rights to edit it or to edit its billing plan.

:!: Therefore, the first obligatory step for the Top_account user is to create a management account.

Creating Accounts

Manager is the account which is created for the service management. It is created under a top-level account. Access rights and available capabilities of the Manager user can be restricted only by the Top_account user only. This account is considered to be the starting point for creating the proper account structure. Due to its high place in the hierarchy, the Manager user can create new accounts as well as manage them (change access rights, control payments, block, etc.). This account receives the same billing plan as the Top_account. All the necessary billing plan restrictions can be added in the account properties.

:!: The next step for the Manager user is to estimate the number of connected end users. Depending on the result of this assessment, the corresponding account should be chosen and created (either Customer_Service or Major_Customer_Service).

Customer_Service is the account which is created for managing users with a small number of units (End_Customer_1,2,3). Such an account can be used in the sphere of personal tracking or private vehicle tracking. A set of user functions for this account includes creating, changing, controlling, and providing technical support for users/accounts belonging to it. The process of configuring account capabilities (manual enabling of the available functionality) for each end user can be quite time-consuming. Therefore, in order to automate this process, a set of ready-made billing plans (for example, Beginner, Advanced, Pre-Major) can be created in Customer_Service account. Note that these billing plans should be paid separately. Depending on the available functionality of the created billing plans, the level of service cost will vary.

The ideal structure presupposes the existence of an individual account for every end user, as well as creation of units with necessary restrictions inside their own account (restriction on deleting a unit and its messages is considered to be the minimum required restriction).

Major_Customer_Service is the account for managing major clients with dozens/hundreds of units (Major_Customer_1,2,3). Such an account provides a possibility to activate individual special billing plan either for all major customers (Major_Customer_1,2,3) or for each customer individually. Major_Customer_Service can have a developed hierarchy of subordinate accounts with a structure similar to the structure of the entire service.

In addition, a separate place is occupied by the dealer account (see below).

Dealer_1 is the account for the dealer. The user-dealer possesses a high degree of independence, its own customer support service, as well as the maximum available functionality.The structure of the dealer subordinate accounts can be created similar to the whole service structure.

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