Unit Groups

Unit group is a system macro object incorporating several units that have something in common. Unit groups have broad application in Wialon and are useful both for managers and for end users. That is why working with unit groups is possible both in CMS Manager and in the main interface.

Unit Groups in Management

Unit groups can be used in management system in two ways: they make easier assigning access rights to units. You can give a user access to a group of units at once.

Unit groups are widely used for the monitoring purposes.

Working with Unit Groups

To work with groups of units, open 'Unit Groups' tab in the navigation panel of CMS Manager. Here you can create, view, edit, copy, and delete unit groups.

There is a button to create a new unit group and a filter to search existent groups. In the table of results, you can see group's name, image, creator, account, and number of units. Standard operations with objects (create, view, edit, copy, delete) were described below.

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