Using SDK, you can implement your own tools and features and add them to your Wialon as additional applications.

Only the top user can manage applications. To open the Apps dialog, click on the wrench icon in the top panel. On the left, you see the list of all existent applications and the item New to add a new one. There are four default applications that are available to all users: Chatterbox, Dashboard, iDriveSafe, Track Player. They cannot be edited or deleted (only disabled).

The parameters to configure an application are the following:

Enter a visible name for your application (at least 4 characters).

Enter any text as a description of your application (optional). It will be shown in a tooltip for your application when it is displayed on the list of applications available to a user.

Type URL address where your application is placed.

Name and URL are mandatory, other parameters are optional.

Advanced URL parameters
Specify advanced URL parameters if necessary (Active SID, Current user, Base URL, Host URL, Language, Authorize hash).

Required services
Choose services (features) which are required for default activation of the application. If the list of features available to a user does not fit this list (or if you leave this section empty), the application will be disabled for this user.

Billing plans
Select billing plans where this application will be mentioned as a service (feature). If no plans selected, your application will be added to all available billing plans.

Compatible languages
Application availability can be limited by chosen interface language. For example, if you tick English here, it will mean that the application will be available only when English is chosen as interface language. If no languages selected, it assumes that the application is compatible with all languages.

After setting all parameters, press Add and when closing the dialog press OK to save the changes.

Other operations with applications:

  • To change an application, select it on the left, edit parameters, and press Apply, and then, when closing the dialog, press OK.
  • To delete an application, select it on the left and press Delete, and then, when closing the dialog, press OK.
  • To create a new application from an existing one, select the base application on the left, edit parameters, and press Apply, and then, when closing the dialog, press OK.
  • To ignore all the changes made, press Cancel.

Added applications become available in billing plans and in account properties on the Features tab. They look like other services, but with 'Apps' in brackets. You can enable and disable applications added by you and control their availability to other users.

See also Wialon Apps review.

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